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Change Customer Engagement

Finding out what you high value, low frequency customers think of you is also a chance to strengthen your relationship with them and to understand them in much greater depth.

We have developed an innovative survey methodology that enables you to:
  • Find out how satisfied your clients are with key aspects of your product and service
  • Understand the key emotional descision making factors that influence your client's behaviour in relation to your product
  • Strengthen your relationship with the client through the process of undertaking the survey
  • Develop in house capability to strengthen client relationships on an ongoing basis
  • Get robust customer satisifaction data you can benchmark year on year
Our staged process has elements that you can do yourself.  This is advisable as through this you strengthen relationships.  We can do it for you if capacity is an issue, howevever through the training we give your chosen staff members and the ongoing support the best results are when you are involved.  Apart from anything else, it costs less when you do it!

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