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Tailored Development - Based on the Findings

Once you have undertaken the survey, identified where productivity can be increased and the reasons why it is currently low, we can work with you to develop the engagement of your staff.

For some clients this is very focused work on identified pockets where engagement isn't good, for other clients all staff go through a development process.

Typically this work involves working with staff to explore their emotional decision making points, where they derive meaning from and how this links to the meaning they find at work.

The work is experiential and challenges people to examine their own beliefs and motivations and how these manifest themselves in the work environment.  Whilst we provide a 'safe space' for such work, it can be quite challenging, yet also liberating as insights emerge. People tend very quickly to relate to the models used and arrive at 'ah-ha' moments for themselves without much prompting.

Our standard approach is to work with staff over a series of four half day workshops.

The impact of this work can be enourmous - if you have 150 staff with engagement levels that match the UK average, increasing engagement by 10% through this work will result in increased productivity equivalent to 32.5FTE at the originally productivity rates.

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