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Deep - Engagement and Productivity Survey

This employee survey measures the engagement of your staff against eight key emotional decision making factors identified by leading authors in the field of behavioural economics.

Behind the survey is a powerful algorithm that links the answers about engagement to productivity scores.  This algorithm is based on a thorough literature review of all of the main studies undertaken in this area.

Benefits of the Survey
All of the normal benefits of an employee engagement survey plus:

  • Overall productivity scores by organisation, department and team
  • Identification of pockets of high or low productivity by team, age, sex,ethnicity, length of service or other bespoke variables
  • The reason for low productivity by tracking back to the eight emotional decision making factors
  • Ability to focus the right development to the right people
  • Identify the expected return on investment of any interventions
  • Identify the impact to the bottom line business performance of interventions

This online survey is user friendly, very affordable and gives you the insight needed to focus development clearly on improving the bottom line and identfying the return on investment of the work.

Your development work can now be more strategically focused than it has before, you can demonstrably improve the productivity of your staff and you can prove it!

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