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High Performing Leaders = High Performing Organisations
For a leader to be considered successful, they must have an impact on the performance of the organisation.  Our leadership development programmes impact on performance by focusing on the values of leaders and followers, forming the links of engagement that lead to increased performance

We focus our leadership development in the areas that research proves have the largest impact.  The exact nature this depends on the organisation, the leaders, past development work and many other factors.  Every programme is bespoke and focused on achieving the best possible results.

The following are some of the key areas that we often build into programmes due to the impact they have.

The characteristics of leaders that make people follow them
We look at the basic needs that followers have of their leaders.  This is the right way round, if you are looking at how an organisation improves, you talk to its customers, likewise if you want to know what makes a good leader you talk to their followers.

These characteristics are not necessarily the ones you would expect, but are based on extensive research into the field of leadership.  They have been found to be the characteristics that result in:
  • Improved motivation and engagement
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased efficiency
Building on Strengths
Research shows that if people understand their strengths, and use them, they are more likely to be motivated and productive.

Leaders need to understand their strengths and those of their teams to create a high performance environment where everyone understands and uses each other's strengths to focus on achieving outcomes

Interpersonal Skills when the going gets tough
Recent research shows one of the main characteristics of the most successful leaders, is that they can have difficult conversations with others without backing down and without the other person getting defensive or aggressive.  Quite a balance to strike.  The phrse, 'interpersonal skills' can seem a bit 'junior' for a leadership programme, but this is vital to leadership and we deliver insights and experiences you won't have come across

Holistic Leadership Development
Recognising that we don't operate at work in isolation, but our emotions and our values play a major part in the way we work and perform.  We help leaders to understand more about where they derive meaning from, how they control their emotions and how to use this information to improve their leadership

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