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Public Sector Commercialisation

There are opportunities for public sector organisations to develop external income and commercialise.  We have an excellent pedigree in this field and one of our Senior Associates, David Elverson, wrote the first paper on local authority traded services and has worked extensively in this field ever since.

We help our clients by providing advice on:
  • Structure / legal entity - what is the best structure to maximise external income streams and what is the best process of moving towards this
  • Corporate parenting - How can the parent organisation add rather than destroy value from its commercial arms
  • Marketing - what is the best way for commercial arms to position and market themselves in order to deliver maximum benefits for the parent organisation
  • Process / cultural alignment - Ensuring the processes and culture of commercial arms are focused for high performance
  • Business case - developing business cases and plans to move towards commercialisation

Commercial Development in the Public Sector

Commercial development support from the experts
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