Change Consultancy & Training


We regularly provide our clients with the following services:
  • One-to-one executive coaching
  • One-to-one coaching as part of a wider development programme
  • Training for managers to develop coaching skills to use in their day to day management role
  • Working with organisations to develop an in-house coaching resource
Mainly using the GROW coaching development model, our experienced coaches work with clients to help them to achieve results and outcomes.  It is a very individualised approach and helps clients to build on their strengths and develop in the areas that are most pertinent to them.

When working with leaders we help them not only to achieve their personal aspirations, but we also help them to develop the strategies and personal skills they need to take on the challenges facing their organisations.

We have 18 years of experience of delivering coaching in many sectors, working with people at all levels of the organisation from Chief Executive through to team leader.


Commercial Development in the Public Sector

Commercial development support from the experts
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